In Memoriam

This page is dedicated to members of the Treasure Hill Family that we have had to say goodbye to.  They are no longer with us, but will never be forgotten.

Cookie (Oreo):  ???? – November 14th, 2017

image1 (3)This morning our beautiful Cookie crossed the rainbow bridge. I met Cookie years ago at my first full time job instructing people with disabilities. I always knew how special these animals were but meeting Cookie really made me a believer. She became my Barn buddy, exercise buddy, and favorite of all my Little students. She was completely my type of horse. She knew her job and loved it but when it was just the two of us she was not afraid to let me know she may be an older lady but she still had opinions and was very happy to share them with me 😊.

She was the first horse I really worked with showing her trails and how fun things can be outside of the arena. She was not a fan but image4 (1)we had a relationship and she trusted me even if we jigged down the trail with our bells sounding like one of Santa’s reindeer. When I started THF I made her a promise. When she had done all she could for the kids she could come live with me and retire. She spent some time doing lessons, birthday parties and camp, and then made a best friend in Esci. She lived out her life
with lots of bananas, love and a best friend by her side. Cookie was one of those exceptional horses that knew how to make even the most frightened child feel safe and she did it all with just enough “mare” to keep it interesting while being safe. Run free baby girl. No longer in pain and I’m sure catching up with old friends that passed before you. You will be missed and will always have a special place in my heart. You were and will always be my second heart horse. – Courtney




RoukeOn September 3rd, the Treasure Hill Farm family said a tearful goodbye to a beloved member of our family. Rouke was one of the kindest, sweetest souls you would ever meet.  Run free sweet boy! It was an honor to have you as part of the THF family. You will be missed.  Please keep his mom and dad Helene and Rusty in your thoughts.








IMG_0396 (1)Fergie came to THF with her sister, Daisy.  They were from Blue Star Rescue, and they quickly became valued members of our team.  While the two sisters looked alike, Fergie was definitely the more “spunky” member in their family.  She was quick to let you know her opinion and was selective in which clients became her favorites.   Fergie was worth her weight in gold and and it broke our hearts when we had to say goodbye.  IMG_0398