Lease a Lesson Horse!

Most Treasure Hill Farm lesson horses are now available for partial lease!

149Is there a lesson horse you particularly love? Lease him or her today and experience the joys of horse ownership for a fraction of the cost. Terms below:

1. Leased horses are available for three scheduled rides a week, including one free lesson per week. When you register for your lease, we’ll work together with you to schedule your regular weekly rides times.

2. When you lease a horse, you will receive priority for show assignments, and show rental costs will be waived.

3. There are no farrier or veterinary costs.

4. The Farm retains full control over the horse’s care, including feed program, veterinary and farrier issues, and pasture assignments.

fullsizerender-15. The Farm retains the right to refuse a lease if we feel the match is unsuitable.

6. Leases horses are available on a first come, first served basis.

7. Activity in lease rides must be limited to what is permitted in lessons.

8. No unsupervised jumping.

9. Not all lesson horses will be available to lease.

10. Terms and conditions are subject to change.

If you would like to lease one of the Farm’s lesson horse, please contact Leanne today at (860) 884-6519 or email: Thank you!